The MJ Live Experience

Through the ages, we have come across quite a few artists who changed the way music is made- set new boundaries, broke older ones and created their own style of music and their own genres. One of the most pioneering and path-breaking musicians of not only his time, but also today, has to be Michael Jackson. He is one such artist who broke away from the conventional music styles and created his own genre, music and lyrics- the influences of which are visible even today, and will continue to be there in generations to come.

I, unfortunately, never had the experience of seeing Michael Jackson perform live. Once, while listening to his music, I came across the MJ Live- A Michael Jackson Tribute Show, and realized it was the thing that would probably get me the closest experience to witnessing the magic of MJ and his music live- and decided to go in for it.

For those who do not know, this show features some of the best artists who perform as Michael Jackson. While no one may be as good as the legend himself, these are quite amazing and come pretty close to showing people the kind of performance and music that MJ stood for! The one particular concert that I saw took place in Las Vegas Blvd, with James Times III doing the part of Michael Jackson.

I had sufficiently comfortable seating at the concert, though I have made sure that I get one of the booths the next time I go there (yes, I will surely go to it the next time I can)! The energy in the concert was just out of the world and in the midst of all that, it was hard to make out if they were actually singing the songs or lip-syncing to them. However, the one thing that I was disappointed with was the duration of the show- I expected it to be at least two hours long, but it was all over in around one hour.

However, the show had many amazing elements apart from the brilliant performances, especially the part where they threw t-shirts among the audience- for I managed to catch one of them! In the end, all I could think of was the experience that I just had, and how they actually did MJ proud. To every MJ fan out there, this show is a ‘must’ watch!

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