Ever since I was a kid, I did never hide my affection for music and instruments such as guitar. I always dreamt of owning a guitar and asked my parents couple of times for one. At last came that day.

I asked my father to buy me a guitar on the eve of my 13th birthday and he obliged this time around, promising me an acoustic guitar as a birthday gift. On that day, I was visibly excited from the morning and when dad came from office with a guitar on his shoulder, I suddenly jumped up in happiness.

This was probably the best gift I ever received from my parents in my life. The guitar was a black one with golden edges all around it and silver colored strings. There was a sound hole in the middle of it which I guess is mandatory for all acoustic guitars. From the look of it one could tell that the guitar was probably cheaply built, and I guess for a novice like me it was a perfect starting tool. I learnt the basics of playing with that guitar and once I was expert enough I purchased a better and pricier one to hone my skills further.

I do have around half a dozen guitars in my home right now but my first guitar will always be the special one for me.