Funk guitarists –the best of all times

Compared to other genres of music, funk music downplays the guitarists the most as this distinct form of music focus more on repetition and rhythm than drawn out solos. However, this in no way undermines the importance of funk guitar that defines the music. Rather it depicts funk band playing just that. In the following paragraphs, you will come to know about some famous funk guitarists who are popular of all times.
Jimmy Nolen: There is no other guitarist who deserves this place better than Jimmy Nolen. He was the pioneer of funk music genre. It is said that it was he who actually defined the role of guitar in funk music. His most distinguished and popular legacy is Chicken scratch sound which is regarded a notable style of him.
Eddie Hazel: Eddie Hazel is considered a legend for the way he handled his funk guitar. He ranked no #43 in Rolling stone’s Magazine’s of 100 greatest guitarists of the world. His most iconic performance was ten minutes guitar music on the song “Maggot Brain”.
Curtis Mayfield: Curtis Mayfield is considered a true pioneer of funk music. He deserves praise not only for his extraordinary guitar playing skill but also for bringing a social awareness among people through music. As an artist, he created some most influential albums in the history of funk music that are still considered a masterpiece.
Thus, there would be no funk music without these guitarists who extended chords of guitars for creating a new genre of music.