The Highest Register In The Brass Family – Trumpet

The history of trumpet dates back to 1500 BC when it was used as a signaling device during battles or hunting. Since the 15th century, trumpets were introduced to be used as a musical instrument. The trumpet is called as a brass musical instrument because its body is made out of brass that is bent twice to form a bent oblong shape.

The trumpeter needs to blow in air through the mouthpiece with closed lips. You can easily adjust your pitch from a range of harmonics by changing the aperture and tension of the lips. The modern trumpets consists of 3 to 4 pistons that increases the length of tubing, and lowers the pitch.

Trumpets are mostly used in the orchestra, concert bands, and in popular music styles such as jazz. The trumpeter needs to learn a special technique to control the range of the music and play the trumpet accurately. Some of the popular songs based on the music of trumpet are –
• All you need is love – The Beatles
• You can call me Al – Paul Simon
• Cantaloupe island – Herbie Hancock
• I fall in love too easily – Chet Baker
• A night in Tunisia – Dizzy Gillespie